How to get over jet lag #2

Today let’s get back to our discussion about jet lag and how to beat it.

  • I know that enjoying some adult beverages is part of the vacation experience. But alcohol dehydrates instead of hydrates. And hydrating is what you need to do in order to fight this jet lag.
  • And speaking of hydrating, you do not want to drink coffee or highly caffeinated sodas. Drinking that these will mess up your sleep. And that’s really the last thing that you want to do.
  • Taking sleeping pills so you can sleep during your flight will not help. You are only going to feel worse when you do wake up. And it will do nothing to help you to get into a natural sleeping rhythm you need to be in for your trip.
  • set your watch to the time of your destination once you get on that plane. This will help you get your mind heading in that direction. Don’t do that beforehand or you might miss your flight
  • If you want to go all out, try eating your meals when you would when you’re at your destination. And yes, that might mean eating cereal at midnight?. Some people do that anyway, right?

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