More cruise tips for honeymooners

Let’s get back to our tips for honeymooners who wants to go on a cruise.

  • You are going to have to eat at some point during the cruise. Most cruises are going those huge buffets. That’s the least expensive way to eat. But usually the tables seat twelve at least. Do you want to spend your honeymoon getting to know twelve strangers? Talk to a waiter. Someone should able to get you a table for a two somewhere out the way. Going to a specialty restaurant is going to offer better food and some more privacy. Ana lot of cruises offer room service at no additional charge.
  • This is your honeymoon. And one of the most important things to a lot of honeymooners is privacy. Many cruises are going to have adults only areas. Want even more privacy? Pay to be in the exclusive section.
  • Cruises like honeymooners, and often they will give you special perks. This may income champagne when you come on board. Or you may get breakfast in bed one morning.

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