More about cruising with a baby


Yesterday we talked about a couple who loved to cruise. But maybe your bigger family, or group of friends is pushing you to go on a cruise with them. maybe they are not taking baby as an an excuse. They say that babies take cruises all of the time. Let’s look some tips that might help.


  • Is your baby a messy baby? Most cruises are going to have some kind of laundry facility that you are going to be able to use.
  • We always tell you to fly to your port the day before you are to leave. With a baby, it is essential? This way you can pick up supplies for baby before you lea
  • Plan on going to places that are very kid friendly. Look for places that have parks where you can play with your baby.
  • Bring formal wear for your baby. The pictures will be well worth it.

Cruising with a baby

You and your husband love to cruise. It is what you did for your honeymoon. You try to take at least minus one cruise each year. But you’ve just had your first baby, and you’re wondering how you are going to cruise with a baby in tow. Let’s get you some important pointers that might help.

  • The most important thing is to know your baby. Do they adapt well to change? Are they at all open to trying new foods? Do they need a quiet place to sleep? Do they need it to be dark? Do they play well with others? Knowing these things will help you choose the right cruise for your baby.
  • Booking early will be to your advantage. Since the nicer rooms fill up quicker, this will ensure that you get the right room. You will also want to be sure to get the early or flexible dining plan.
  • Unless you’re cruising with Disney or are in a suite, you will not be able to count on a tub. you might want to take a little inflatable tub unless baby can do either showers or sponge bath.
  • Make sure your cruise has a 24/7 buffet. Or at least a buffet that is opened in the late afternoons. But your baby may surprise you and do well with the long formal dinners. Sometimes babies can be quite social.

Finding peace on a cruise #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to find true relaxation on a cruise.

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines and MSC have these places that are kind of like a ship within a ship. These are much more exclusive and offer a much higher level of service. Yes, you are going to have to pay a lot more for these places, but it may be well worth it to you.
  • Want something a little less expensive? Try booking a room that is not near their laundry room or elevators. Make sure you are not right above or below anything like that either.
  • When it comes to dining, you’ll want to stay with the flexible dining. lines now at least have the option of flexible dining, if that’s not what everyone does.
  • Do you want an extra quiet meal? Try room service. You will not be charged anything extra on most cruises.

Finding peace on a cruise

Before I forget, I’m really not sure whether or not I am going to have internet at the end of this week. We are going to have to play it by ear.

cruises are supposed to be times of relaxation. But there is always something going on. They’ll play loud music, or they might play movies on deck. There are also always children almost anywhere you turn. And there are always lots of people everywhere you turn. How do you find any real peace when you go on a cruise. Today let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • If you are someone that truly needs peace, you do not want to book an inside cabin. There are no windows in these rooms. And people are going to be in and out at all hours of the day and night. This is just not the place to be if you want time to yourself.
  • Suites are going to be your best bet. They are going to have more room. And of course, you can go hide yourself in your room any time you want.
  • Book a cabin or suite near the spa. This is always one of the most peaceful places on the ships. Doing this will also allow you to book vip spa services, and taking advantage of the spa is another way to enjoy peace

Traveling around Europe cheaply

Some people say that traveling Europe is so expensive. But that is not necessarily true. Let’s look at some tips that might help you on your next trip to Europe.

  • Some people do not care where they go in Europe, they just want to go. If that is you, start by looking at air. air is going to always going to want to be one of your expensive items anyway. And different places are less expensive at different times.
  • Some places are less expensive to visit than others. That is just how it is. And some of these are Hungary and Switzerland. And yes, pretty much everything is less expensive in those places.

Tipping on a cruise #3

Okay, so today we are going to talk about in what circumstances you should tip.

  • If you have a baby or small child, and you don’t want to leave them, have your cabin steward get that bucket of ice for you. You will want to tip your steward afterwards.
  • If you find a bar you like, and know you are going to return, find a server that you like and tip them. They will be sure to remember you the rest of the cruise for knows sure.
  • When order room service, the people bringing you your food should be tipped right away. not And tip the people on your shore excursions.

Tipping on a cruise #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on tipping when you are on a cruise.

Today we are going to start with how to tip.

  • Cruises used to give these little envelopes that you were to put your tips in. But almost no cruise company does that anymore.
  • Now most cruiselines give you at least the option of paying one service fee which they will distribute to everyone fair. [Some lines have made this service fee mandatory.] This saves you the time and trouble of having to figure how to pay.
  • You should also note that children are figured into the tipping calculations. The exception to this is infants and toddlers. And this makes sense because children can cause just as much trouble for wait staff as adults do.
  • But even if you do opt in to the service fee, keep some small bills on you for when you do see exemplary service. American money is always acceptable to everyone. Keep some ones, fives and tens on you at at all times.

Tipping on a cruise

Tipping on a cruise is one of the most hotly debated topics in the industry. And the debate includes a lot of questions. How should you tip. How much should you tip? When should you tip Why should you tip? Today we are going to try to start answering some of these questions.

  • Strict speaking tips are not mandatory. Of After all tips are meant to be given when we receive exemplary service. But you should know that a lot of cruiselines pay their crew, at least by western standards. The cruiselines’ thinking is that making their crew need to get tips in order to¬† ensures that you, their guests, get great service. This seems a little backwards to me, but anyway. Now this is only the mainstream cruiselines, luxury cruiselines pay their people well, expecting them to serve well. Not only is tipping not necessary, it is not allowed..
  • You may be saying, but hold on a minute, mainstream cruiselnes are starting to charge one gratuity fee, that is supposed to cover everything. They do that for two main reasons. First, it is for your convenience so you are not running around everywhere on the last day, giving everyone money. And the second reason is, most people who are not American do not understand the concept of tipping so they do not do it, so the crew suffers because of it

Okay, you should understand why you should tip on a cruise. Tomorrow we are going to start discussing how.

Why upgrade to a luxury cruise?

Are you thinking about jumping from the mainstream cruises to the luxury cruises Let’s look at some reasons you should do just that.

  • First do a little calculating. Take what you would usually spend on your cruise. And do not look just look at the actual cruise fare.. You will want to add what you would spend on drinks, fees for specialty restaurants, shore excursions and things that like that. Add all stuff that up to see how much you really spend on your cruise. You will like be shocked to realize how little close what you actually spend on your cruises compared to luxury cruises. When you go on a luxury cruise, you do not have to pay for the extras.
  • Don’t like taking those those cruise buses. When you take a luxury cruise, you are going to have a range of options. You can take the shared buses or vans. You can also take a taxi or private car.
  • Interested in a pre or post land package? Now these vacations are not part of your cruise fare. But these people can help you plan everything out so your time on land is just as nice as your cruise.

And more about England

Okay, let’s look at some more tips on when you’re visiting England.

  • This is important to remember if you do not want to be climbing steps all of the time. They call the place you’ll walk into t”grass floor. If they say sis on the first floor, you will be walking up steps.
  • If you are on your first visit to the place you are visiting, go on and take the guided tour. You will learn so many interesting things this way.
  • You can get by eating pretty inexpensively. You will get your breakfasts at your bed and breakfast. Make sure you fill up You can get a pretty cheap lunch at any pub. Eating this way should enable you to have a nicer dinner at a restaurant.
  • You may have heard that English food is pretty boring and bland. That is no longer necessarily true. They are learning to use fresh food, and are learning to prepare it in ways besides frying. You will also find a lot of international restaurants in and around London.