Why go on a ladies’ cruise #3

We are going to spend one more day on this discussion.

  • When you are going on a family trip, you probably have to make sure your girls don’t try to take too many clothes, and might have to make sure your boys take enough. Do you feel you have to to watch yourself, to see that you set a good On a girls’ trip, you won’t have to worry about your family and how much everyone ,needs to take. Take whatever you like.
  • Girlfriends tend to to push each other. Maybe you want to take a cooking class but aren’t sure whether to take that plunge or not. Your girls will help you decide. Single ladies may also enjoy flirting with cute guys. Your girls can help you decide what to do. You’re also going to have a lot of discussing everything.
  • Married women, we know, you want to precious vacation either with your family all together, or time with just your husband. That’s perfectly understandable. But taking a girls’ trip gives you time to relax like neither of the other trips do.

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