Saving on a cruise #1

Are you looking at saving money on your cruise? First of all, I have to tell you that cruises are one of the most cost effective way to vacation out there. You are going to get some your transportation, your lodging, your meals, and even a lot of your entertainment is going to be included in one low price. But let’s look at some ways that you can save even more.

  • Do you want to pay the lowest price possible? Do not pay the brochure price. They pay a lot of money to make everything look absolutely gorgeous on those things. And it is most likely that they are going to charge a lot of hidden fees.
  • Cruise fares go up and down like a lot of other things. If you are willing to keep looking, you will likely find a way to save some good money. If you are flexible as to when you are travel, that never either.
  • ¬†Cruiselines love it when you book early And booking early means you’ll be booking six to eighteen months in advance. Often doing this will score you free upgrades and things like that.

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