Saving on a cruise #2

Yesterday we started talking about how even though cruises are one of the more economical ways to vacation, there are ways you can save even more money. Let’s continue that discussion today.

  • Cruises are always having sales. Trust me, I’m a travel agent. I get e-mails about cruise sales all of the time. Interested in hearing about deals? Please let me know at You can also sign up to get e-mail directly from the cruiselnes themselves. Just go online and figure out which newsletters you are interested in receiving.
  • There are a lot of port cities through out the United States. You can get on on a cruise in Florida practically any time you want to. But there a lot of other places you can board a ship too, and the good part about that is you not have to fly. And this will also save you a lot of money.
  • Maybe cruise for a low price isn’t good for you, you want to cruise for free. The good news is that there is a way to do this. You just need fourteen to sixteen friends to join yon a cruise. You’ll be able to cruise for free if you do this.

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