Advice for traveling to England #1

I almost feel like I’m in England with all of the rain we have been having, but anyways. Today let’s look at some tips for if you were to travel to England.

  • Any time you are traveling anywhere, your attitude should be “Wow, I get to see and experience all these new things!” Yes, I know you want your hotel room to be right, and you may want your food to be a certain way. you not be demanding. Some things are done differently when you are out of our fair United States. Part of the reason we travel is to experience these different things, isn’t it?
  • You are going to thank me for this, trust me. But if you can go at a time other than summer, please do so. Everyone wants to go to England, and most people choose to go in the summer. Going in April or September is going to be much nicer and it is still going to be pretty nice weather.
  • You are going to want to start planning your trip several months before you want to go on your trip. That means, book your flight, and then start thinking about what you want to do. Do you want to spend your whole trip in London? That is going to be pretty expensive, I’d guess. And I hear that England’s countryside is be. Figure out the different things you’ll want to see, and then start booking your hotels. You’ll also need to figure out if you want to take public transportation or rent a car.

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