More tips on England

It is Saturday, and all I really want is to get finished. So let’s get started.

  • Here is something you need to know. Most hotels and breakfasts call a room with a double bed a “double room”, which could get are a little confusing. Know They always charge per person and not per room. If you and a friend are going, and you want two beds in one room, you have to say that you want a “twin room”.
  • Most bed and breakfasts are also your host’s homes. Be considerate. And they are not going to wait on you like a hotel usually does. They usually have one or two people to care of all the guests. They serve meals sat specific times because they need to do it that way. You may or may not be able to come and go any time that you please
  • Most places have bathtubs, and may not have showers. If they do ha shower, it is often electric, and you will have to turn it on somewhere. And you will usually have to share bathroom . Toilets and tubs areseparate. Remember to ask for what you need. ike you would if you were to visit a friend

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