And more about England

Okay, let’s look at some more tips on when you’re visiting England.

  • This is important to remember if you do not want to be climbing steps all of the time. They call the place you’ll walk into t”grass floor. If they say sis on the first floor, you will be walking up steps.
  • If you are on your first visit to the place you are visiting, go on and take the guided tour. You will learn so many interesting things this way.
  • You can get by eating pretty inexpensively. You will get your breakfasts at your bed and breakfast. Make sure you fill up You can get a pretty cheap lunch at any pub. Eating this way should enable you to have a nicer dinner at a restaurant.
  • You may have heard that English food is pretty boring and bland. That is no longer necessarily true. They are learning to use fresh food, and are learning to prepare it in ways besides frying. You will also find a lot of international restaurants in and around London.

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