Tipping on a cruise

Tipping on a cruise is one of the most hotly debated topics in the industry. And the debate includes a lot of questions. How should you tip. How much should you tip? When should you tip Why should you tip? Today we are going to try to start answering some of these questions.

  • Strict speaking tips are not mandatory. Of After all tips are meant to be given when we receive exemplary service. But you should know that a lot of cruiselines pay their crew, at least by western standards. The cruiselines’ thinking is that making their crew need to get tips in order to  ensures that you, their guests, get great service. This seems a little backwards to me, but anyway. Now this is only the mainstream cruiselines, luxury cruiselines pay their people well, expecting them to serve well. Not only is tipping not necessary, it is not allowed..
  • You may be saying, but hold on a minute, mainstream cruiselnes are starting to charge one gratuity fee, that is supposed to cover everything. They do that for two main reasons. First, it is for your convenience so you are not running around everywhere on the last day, giving everyone money. And the second reason is, most people who are not American do not understand the concept of tipping so they do not do it, so the crew suffers because of it

Okay, you should understand why you should tip on a cruise. Tomorrow we are going to start discussing how.

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