Packing tips

Once again I’m not sure what this next week is going to look like. We will just have to wait and see.

Traveling is like a lot of other things, you usually have to them to get good at them. Reading this blog should give you some ideas of what you should and should not do. Today we are going to look at some random tips

  • You never know when you might need a towel. So be sure to pack one. You never know hen you will be glad that you did.
  • Buy small pieces of luggage. It will help you pack lighter. You can always wash something out in your bathroom sink if you need to. Getting something bigger will make you think you need to take more
  • A lot of times when you travel, you can feel freer to wear things more than once, and not worry so much about how you look. You are on vacation, wear comfortable clothes.
  • The one thing you could want to take a few more pairs of is socks. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that the laundry gremlins won’t be up to their old tricks of stealing socks. Socks also tend to get wet or dirty quickly.

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