Best cruises for weddings #1

You may have guessed but I’ve been busy. I wanted to get something up. Anyway, I hope you will forgive the shorter posts lately.

And yes, I spend a lot of time away from the public, but I do keep up with what’s going on. I know that there is a lot of fear and worry over this virus, worrying over what’s going to happen. But I want to keep this blog upbeat and positive.

And now, let’s get to today’s post. Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a cruise ship? Or maybe you just want to get in a beautiful place without doing a lot of work? Let’s look at some cruises to get married on.

  • The first one we are going to look at today is Princess Cruises. A lot of cruiselines have wedding packages, and Princess is no exception to this. It has some of the best packages and features around. Their “Tie the knot” package is going to cost you around 25 grand. That sounds quite expensive to me, but anyway. For that, the captain is going to officiate your wedding. You will also get a wedding coordinator, live music, the services of a photographer as well as some pictures. You are also going to get a cake and a bottle of wine.
  • This is more like it. For between two and three thousand dollars, you can get the “Tie the Knot Harborside” package?. You and your guests will get priority check in. have an onboard ceremony. You will also get the photographer, the cake,, and oh yes, the coordinator.
  • You may want to “Tie the Knot Ashore”. You will be getting married somewhere beautiful like the beach, and this package costs between three and five thousand. You will get the photographer, the coordinator and the cake

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