Best cruises for weddings #2

Let’s get back to looking at who has the best cruises for weddings.

  • We are going to start by looking at Celebrity Cruises. On Celebrity you can choose to do your actual legal ceremony or just do a a symbolic ceremony. Celebrity is a luxury cruiseline. But it has plenty for both you, the happy couple, and your guest to enjoy before and after the special event. You will be able to get married both on and off shore. Some of what you can expect is a captain led ceremony, a coordinator, a photographer and c. You can also ask your own pastor to officiate. You are going to get chocolate strawberries and champagne as part of your turn turn down services.
  • Disney also allows couples to marry on their ships. And they will help you take care of everything. Disney has the coordinator and the officiant for you. They will give you your flowers and a nice wedding cake. You will get dinner at their adults only restaurant.
  • If you are a younger couple, Carnival might just be perfect for you. Why? They have a lot of fun amenities, and their ships are just, well, fun. With Carnival, you are going to get both a wedding planner a wedding coordinator, a cake and a photographer.

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