Best cruises for weddings #2

Let’s get back to looking at who has the best cruises for weddings.

  • We are going to start by looking at Celebrity Cruises. On Celebrity you can choose to do your actual legal ceremony or just do a a symbolic ceremony. Celebrity is a luxury cruiseline. But it has plenty for both you, the happy couple, and your guest to enjoy before and after the special event. You will be able to get married both on and off shore. Some of what you can expect is a captain led ceremony, a coordinator, a photographer and c. You can also ask your own pastor to officiate. You are going to get chocolate strawberries and champagne as part of your turn turn down services.
  • Disney also allows couples to marry on their ships. And they will help you take care of everything. Disney has the coordinator and the officiant for you. They will give you your flowers and a nice wedding cake. You will get dinner at their adults only restaurant.
  • If you are a younger couple, Carnival might just be perfect for you. Why? They have a lot of fun amenities, and their ships are just, well, fun. With Carnival, you are going to get both a wedding planner a wedding coordinator, a cake and a photographer.

Best cruises for weddings #1

You may have guessed but I’ve been busy. I wanted to get something up. Anyway, I hope you will forgive the shorter posts lately.

And yes, I spend a lot of time away from the public, but I do keep up with what’s going on. I know that there is a lot of fear and worry over this virus, worrying over what’s going to happen. But I want to keep this blog upbeat and positive.

And now, let’s get to today’s post. Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a cruise ship? Or maybe you just want to get in a beautiful place without doing a lot of work? Let’s look at some cruises to get married on.

  • The first one we are going to look at today is Princess Cruises. A lot of cruiselines have wedding packages, and Princess is no exception to this. It has some of the best packages and features around. Their “Tie the knot” package is going to cost you around 25 grand. That sounds quite expensive to me, but anyway. For that, the captain is going to officiate your wedding. You will also get a wedding coordinator, live music, the services of a photographer as well as some pictures. You are also going to get a cake and a bottle of wine.
  • This is more like it. For between two and three thousand dollars, you can get the “Tie the Knot Harborside” package?. You and your guests will get priority check in. have an onboard ceremony. You will also get the photographer, the cake,, and oh yes, the coordinator.
  • You may want to “Tie the Knot Ashore”. You will be getting married somewhere beautiful like the beach, and this package costs between three and five thousand. You will get the photographer, the coordinator and the cake

Still more tips

  • You should begin every ,hotel stay by asking for an upgrade. You never know when your request just might work. It never hurts to ask. Just be super nice.
  • If you can not get wifi at your hotel. Sometimes you have to pay to get wifi. Sometimes you just can not get anything to work. You should pretty much be able to get internet at any coffee house or place like that.

More tips

  • You are going to want to get behind business travelers. They want to get through everything and make sure to pack light.
  • You do not want to get behind families. nothing against families but they have kids so they usually have a lot of stuff stuff. Try to stay away from families if you want to  move.

More tips on travel

  • Some people would think you are crazy if you visit a McDonald’s or Starbucks in another country. Sometimes you need that familiarity. Sometimes you just need wifi.. And while it is true that most should be familiar, most will have very different foods than what we used to.
  • Sometimes it a lot cheaper not to fly right into the city you want to explore. Fly into the most inexpensive place, and then take a train or bus.

And some more travel tips

  • not You should always keep a copy of your  passport and any other papers you might have. Keep the originals with you, and on your person. Keno the copies in the hotel and know where they are.
  • People who work at hotels usually know pretty much about their city. They will know better the better places to eat. They will know where the attractions are. Don’t be afraid to ask a hotel person, whether or not you are staying at their hotel.
  • You may not be a linguist, but can you learn a few phrases in the language of the place you? This just shows respect for the people that you are visiting.

And even more travel tips

  • Do you travel by yourself? Have you ever? You might be surprised how much you can learn about yourself if you do. One thing may be at is how selfish you can be doing whatever you like whenever  you feel like it.
  • Don’t worry about looking like a tourist. Most people love it when other people visit their country It makes them feel honored. Don’t hesitate to look at your map, or even ask for directions.
  • But sometimes you might want to get lost and learn more about the cit. Not all of the city’s gems are already known. Make some time to just go wherever  you feel like it.
  • Take only what you think you will need with you, and leave the rest before in your hotel room. Everyone should be safer that way especially you.

More travel tips

Let’s look at some more travel tips.

  • We ended yesterday with saying that you may be wise to take some extra socks. Taking an extra bank .card is also wise. You do not want to get somewhere  you don’t know and have no access o your money.
  • Along those same lines, make yourself a little pouch of some kind where you will keep your money, your passport and any other important papers. You will wear this pouch on your person any time you go out of your hotel .
  • A lot of cards are going to charge you a lot of money when you go out the country. Find one that does not do that. They are out there, you just need to find them.

Packing tips

Once again I’m not sure what this next week is going to look like. We will just have to wait and see.

Traveling is like a lot of other things, you usually have to them to get good at them. Reading this blog should give you some ideas of what you should and should not do. Today we are going to look at some random tips

  • You never know when you might need a towel. So be sure to pack one. You never know hen you will be glad that you did.
  • Buy small pieces of luggage. It will help you pack lighter. You can always wash something out in your bathroom sink if you need to. Getting something bigger will make you think you need to take more
  • A lot of times when you travel, you can feel freer to wear things more than once, and not worry so much about how you look. You are on vacation, wear comfortable clothes.
  • The one thing you could want to take a few more pairs of is socks. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that the laundry gremlins won’t be up to their old tricks of stealing socks. Socks also tend to get wet or dirty quickly.

Budgeting for a cruise #1

We ta lot about cruises on this blog. We’ve talked about doing girls’ getaway cruise.. We talk about how great cruising is for families. We have discussed bringing baby on a cruise. Today we are going to get pretty practical, how do you budget for a cruise. My Italian grandmother used to say, “You no have the money, you no buy.” And to me, one of the beauties of a cruise is that you can have everything paid for before you even leave on your . Let’s get started.

  • Working with a travel agent can not only save you time, it can also save you a lot of stress. We know to get deals. We also know how to get help when needed. We also are know how to figure out the trip that will work best for you.
  • Can you cruise when no one else wants , in spring or fall. Going  when everyone doesn’t want to be on the ship is a great way to save money.