Sharing a cruise cabin #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about sharing a cabin.

  • Do you wash out your underwear and hang it up in the bathroom? Sometimes that the only choice you seem to have?. But that might make the other person uncomfortable. it and out what works best for both of you.
  • You will also need to figure out the schedule for the shower. Talk about it. You do not want to leave this to chance and then both of you want the bathroom at the exact same time.
  • And this is kind of getting delicate, but you might want to take your “daily constitution” to other bathrooms. Again we are talking about very small spaces. You do not want to be the one to leave the stench.
  • Some people love perfume. Others can’t stand them. And some people are even allergic. Please be sensitive.

Sharing a cruise cabin #1

When you go on a cruise with your spouse , you already know how to share your room. You know what gets on a each other’s nerves, what each other likes, etc. Sharing a room with someone different can be ha. But let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • The most important thing that you need to do is to talk to the people you are going to be sharing the cabin with. Are you an early bird the, and they are a night owl? Are you neat and they are messy? Work out when you want times of perfect quiet in your cabin.
  • You are going to be sharing a small space. Keep it picked up please. Do you need more hangers? Ask for them. And put your shoes away when you don’t want to wear them.
  • There are never many pin the room. Talk out when each person is going to charge their devices. Know you’ll be using several device more than average? Take a power strip.
  • Keep your toiletries in a small space. Don’t spread everything out. Maybe the other person will see what you are you are doing and do likewise.

City Beaches

What do you like to do when you go to the beach? I know that some people want to lie on the beach and do nothing again else. Others would rather have some other options for when they get tired of the beach. You may want to enjoy the beach in the morning, go do something else in the afternoon and grab dinner, then return in the evening for more beach fun. This post is for you if you do love the beach but want some other things to do as well.

  • You may want to go out to Los Angeles. They call it sunny California for a good reason. You should be able to get a good thirteen hours  of sun each day. And of course, you will find plenty of nightlife in this area. And what to do during the day? Ever hear of this place called Hollywood?
  • Have you ever been to Istanbul. I I have. All we did was race through the airport. But you could go there to enjoy time at the Black Sea. And I hear that accommodations are inexpensive.
  • And then there is Tel Aviv. I’ve been here for sure, and it does have a lovely beach. You will find a lot of nice hotels by the waterfront. It is near an old city called Joppa.

More on group cruises

Today we are going to talk some more about group cruises.

  • While you are able to book a cruise, even a group cruise, yourself, it can get pretty complicated. Some travel agents even specialize in group cruises. These people work with cruise companies all of the time, and may be able to get you special deals. They’ll know how to walk you through the whole process. companies, They will also keep you straight on who to  pay what when and all those details.
  • Working with a travel agent also ensures that you work with the same time. Working directly with a cruise line probably means that you will talk to a different person each time you call no which can get confusing.
  • You will want to do most of your communication through e-mail. Talking by phone or chat makes it easier to forget something. And this could be you or your travel agent

Group cruises

Taking a group cruise may sound like an absolute blast? But have you actually traveled with that group before. Do you know you are going to still be friends on the other side of this trip? Is that important to you Traveling with friends can be a lot of fun. It can also lead to all kinds of friend drama.

And one of the problems with group trips is that everyone feels like they have to do everything  together. But one of the great things about cruises is that there are so many different things that you can do. Everyone can do different things during the day and then each evening to share the stories.

  • The first thing you need to do is to appoint a group leader?. Sometimes no one has a question about who that will be, you just know. This person is going to be doing most of the planning and putting everything together. One person really to make the decisions. This is especially true as if you are going to work with a . Having than one person call the shots drives travel agents crazy.
  • The leader may want to go on and decide where he or she wants to go and then ask around to see who wants to go with them. This might be the best way to put your group together.
  • If the plan is for a group of families to cruise together, you will waWant to book school holidays. And this may be harder to do unless you do it in summer.