The best luxury cruise ships #2

I’m guessing that most everyone is doing just a little daydreaming of what they would like to do once all of this over and done with. Hopefully a vacation is somewhere of your dream list. Today we are going to look some more at luxury cruises.

  • Crystal Cruises has a ship called Crystal Serenity. One thing they like doing is to have speakers guest speakers, think astronauts and big wigs in the military. The ship will also have a lot of golf tournaments, and many golf pros come to give tips and advice. Ladies can enjoy afternoon tea while listening to a stringed quartet, you can out how to get your husband to take you ballroom dancing.
  • you may also want to check out Viking Cruises?. I know them to be very all inclusive. You will not have to worry about anything. I’m not sure if this is all of the time, but some of the time at least they even cover your air. All of your food will be covered, you will get your choice of beer or wine with lunch and d. Your excursions also cost nothing extra.

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