Surviving those long flights

Ttoo shall pass. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it will, and obviously no one knows when, but it will end. And when it does, people are going to want to start traveling again.

And that means that long flights are a thing you might want to prepare for… We’ve all been there, ling to be wherever we want to go, but dreading the actual travel time. Here are some things that might help on that long haul.

  • First, pack that carry on  bag of essentials and take that with you. You want to take some snacks that are not messy. Yes, you are going to get meals, but but you might get hungry in between. You will want to take a book or two, or that e reader of yours. You might also want to take your device so you can listen to your music and play the games know and love. Yes, you should have a screen where you can watch movies and play games, but you never know what they might have. Ladies, bring some hair things, you’ll to thank me on your trip. Bring some wipes for when you or those without you make messes.
  • You may know this if you have traveled, but airports never seem to have enough outlets so that you can charge everything. First, you will want to charge everything before you leave your home. You may also want to consider buying batteries. Consider taking a power strip if you have several things to charge and this is not for the airport, you may well need it in your hotel too. They have portable chargers these days, buy one for yourself.

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