Make tiny cabins feel bigger

If you’ve been on a busiest cruise, you know that cruise cabins can be awful small. Some nearly half the size of a normal hotel room. Today let’s look at some ways to make that small cabin feel bigger.

  • First, do not pack too much. Bring a swim suit, and two or three outfits you can mix and and match. Sometimes higher scale cruises provide you with nice toiletries, so you don’t need to worry about bringing those those. Do you like to read? Take your e reader instead of books. You get the idea?
  • Sometimes cruises give you storage in the most unusual places. For example, Disney’s ottoman has places for you to store stuff. And there should always be room under the bed.
  • Or you can make your own spaces… There is not a lot of furniture that can be moved around. They do that on purpose. They don’t want everything falling over if you should run into bad weather. They also don’t want anything taken. But there are a few small things you can ask to have taken out if you choose to.
  • You will not have to do any cleaning on your vacation. The maids will take care of everything. But you will want to keep everything nice and neat. Put clothes in their places and things like that.

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