More destinations

I think everyone is starting to think about what you want to do once everything opens up again. Does your planning include travel? Well, let’s look at some more ideas.

  • Today we are going to start with Cocoa Beach, Florida? Did you know that this is the surfing capital on the East Coast? This is a great place to learn to surf.
  • Or you might want to explore the Florida Keys.. They now have an all inclusive resort that is quite nice. Visitors will feel like they stepped into paradise without leaving the country.
  • I’ve heard that Playa del Carmen is absolutely beautiful. They also have some great resorts down there. You will love their beaches. And most places will love their food as well.
  • Do you want to be able to say that you’ve eaten at the most expensive restaurant in the world? You will want to go to Ibiza, Spain, and stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. their Sublimotion is the place that you will want to eat. Your meal is going to take you three hours to enjoy.

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