Disney’s Fantasy

Okay, you know that I love Disney. I love most of their movies, I love watching my little nieces go on and on about Disney princesses. I also love what I read about how Disney treats their guests. Today we are going to look at some things you are going to enjoy about cruise ship Fantasy. I hear that Disney cruises in general are wonderful. Everyone wants to go on one, and Disney never has any problems filling their ships. But like I said earlier, today we are going to specifically look at the Disney Fantasy.

  • First, every Disney cruise has a pirate night. Please participate. You will be sorry if you don’t. They have one kid party, and one party that is just for adults if that is something that bothers you for whatever reason. Don’t be shy, nearly everyone everyone dresses up on this evening.
  • Disney has a place for every age group to enjoy getting wet. Nemo’s Reef splash pad is for babies and toddlers. Younger children will enjoy Mickey’s Pool with its gentle slide. Donad’s Pool is pretty much for everyone who enjoys swimming and watching movies at the same time. [Sorry, I know we went through this just yesterday.]
  • Do look at the art on the walls. Some of it is actually animated. [It’s Disney, go figure.] And there are games you can play with this art. You may want to try one of these games if the weather gets bad at some point. Okay, yes, we know that Disney cruises are on the pricey side, shall we say? But Disney’s inside rooms are more spacious than most. All sleep three to four comfortably. And Disney lets even those who are on the inside look outside with Magical Portholes. And all cabins come with showers and tubs, tubs being a rare find on a cruise ship.

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