We have a couple of month before this takes place, I know.. But I think my July is going to be pretty full, of vacations and times spent with some of my favorite people. I’m excited.

Sometimes I’m not sure what I want to write about on this blog. I have some sites that I go to for inspiration, and what caught my eye was an article about Denver, Colorado.

  • You will want to be sure to visit their downtown. To get the vibe, think Wild West meets urban chic. You are going to find a mix of different shops you can browse through. You can usually find some kind of concert, some are free and others are not. You will also find some great places to eat here.
  • You will not be disappointed if you visit their aquarium. Here you will be able to see both saltwater and freshwater animals. Some of them you will actually be able to touch, including some stingrays.
  • Although you will not have to go anywhere special to see beautiful places in Denver, all you’ve need to do to is to look outside your hotel, you might want to go to their botanical gardens. Parts of a movie were filmed here. Summer concerts are also held here.
  • Denver also has several museums you and your family can take in together. They have a museum where you can explore nature of science. They have an IMAX theater where you can discover even more about science. They also have art museums.
  • Sports fans will also want to visit the Colorado Rockies at their Coors Field. This is a fairly new park which you should enjoy.
  • Are you looking for some wet and wild fun? You will want to visit Water World. They have roughly 70 acres where you will enjoy slides and rides for all ages and interests. Everyone is going to love their lazy river.

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