And more cruises for couples

Let me say something before we start looking at some more cruises. A lot of the cruises we’re looking at in this series are higher end cruises. I know that. But one of the things you have to keep in mind is that luxury cruises are going to be charging you every time you turn around. When you add everything that you will spend on each kind of cruise, you may find that you are going to spend are roughly the same thing on either a lower end cruise, because they are going to charge you so much when you are on board, as opposed to a higher end cruise, which will not charge you. Now let’s take a look at some actual cruises.

  • Celebrity has some excellent choices for couples looking for romance on their Solstice and and Edge class ships. It is important to note that these ships cater to adults and couples as opposed to families. You are going to find a lot of places on these ships that are wonderful for parties for two, everything from wine bars to perfect places for romantic picnics. You will also have a lot of choices when it comes to the restaurants you can eat in.
  • On Regent Seven Seas, couples will want to go on the “Most Luxurious Ship Ever built” , and that is their Seven Sea Explorer. For starters, they have nothing but suites on this ship. And speaking of money, every single thing that you may need will be covered once you step foot on this ship. They have a great gym for you to work out in they also have beautiful pools you can relax in. And they too have several great restaurants you can enjoy together.

More romantic cruises

Let’s face it, many of us are pretty stressed. We’ve been told to stay home unless we need to go get groceries or something like that. We’re just staying home with our families, probably missing hanging out with our friends, while our husbands and children are probably doing the same. So with everyone tired and stressed and missing normal daily life, we are likely going to have more arguments and hurt feelings and things like that. Once things get face to normal, planning a romantic cruise might be in your best interests. Let’s look at some more you might want to consider when you do take that cruise.

  • The first one we are going to look at today is Norwegian Cruise Line. And the ships this article I’m reading recommends are Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Norwegian Encore. Norwegian feels like each of their guests should be able to do whatever they like whenever they feel like it. So you are free to eat whenever you want wherever you want with whomever you want. A lot of their restaurants are going to have plenty of tables for two to allow you and your husband to have quiet, romantic meals together. The ships have a lot of choices when it it comes to your entertainment. They have Go Karts you can ride in, all kinds of sports you can play, and you will be be able to enjoy Broadway shows, or there are also clubs where you can dance the night away in. But really, it is up to you what you do or do not do.
  • Are you looking for a bit of luxury? You might want to try the SeaDream Yacht Club. For that romantic cruise, you are going to want either Seadream I or SeaDream II. They take on no more than 112 guests on each cruise that they do. You will be enjoying a superior level of service, and you will also be enjoying a higher quality of food. Dining is all “as you wish”, though this article doesn’t explain what that is exactly.

Great cruises for couples

I talk a I talk a lot about how wonderful cruising is for families on this blog, and while everything I say about how wonderful cruises are for families, sometimes you just need to get away from everything and everyone and reconnect as a couple. And cruises are great for that as well. Today we are going to look at some cruise ships that would be great for a romantic getaway.

  • And we are going to start by looking at Princess Cruises. Some of their best ships for romance are Crown Princess, Emerald Princess, and Ruby Princess. These are the youngest of Princess’s fleet, and they combine big ship options with small ship coziness. They are going to have movies under the stars which you can enjoy together. You can also enjoy private top patio lounges. And you are welcome to enjoy room service in your suite or on your balcony.
  • Next we are going to look at Paul Gauguin, and their ship that is most highly recommended for romance is the ship that is named after their company. This ship cruises around the South Pacific all year long. This is a small ship with no more than four hundred guests a time, which means that you will not be surrounded by crowds all of the time and should expect a high level of service. You will mostly eat in nice restaurants, but room service is also available.
  • Windstar has some great options for couples as well. Their best ship for romance is Wind Surf. Here you are sure to catch some breathtaking views. You will be able to enjoy candlelit dinners by the pool. The cuisine at this restaurant is French. They also have a lot of quiet places where you can relax.

Thanksgiving destinations

I bet you are not thinking about the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas yet. Then again, maybe you are dreaming of these holidays, hoping that we’ll be able to gather with friends or family by that time. Today let’s look at some destinations you might want to consider going to around Thanksgiving.

  • The first one we are going to look at is Quebec City, Canada. Hint, you will want to be sure that you and those you plan to gather with, enjoy the cold. I am certain that Canada is going to be quite cold at this time of year. But it will be beautiful. You will see that a lot of their Christmas decorations are already up. They will also have a German Christmas market up for your enjoyment.
  • Or do you want to go all out and see where the Christmas markets actually originated? The place we’re talking about here is Germany. If you want to do that, you will want to visit the most famous which is in Nuremberg. Their town square looks like it’s from Medieval times, and they are going to have over two hundred stalls for you to peruse. They will have everything from wooden toys to cookies and other foods.
  • Or you might want want to take your children on an adventure that they will never forget. Take them to Rovaniemi, Finland. Never heard of it? How could you not? This is the rumored home of Santa Claus. This place celebrates its famous resident and has all kinds of decorations up. You can even go to his office and personally request your gifts.

Things to do in Gatlinburg

I’m going to get personal for a minute. My hope is to go see some dear friends in Tennessee this July. We’re still waiting to see how everything is going to shake out with this virus and what’s allowed and what isn’t by then. I’m kind of killing two birds with one stone with this post. We will not be staying in this busy area, but will be making some day trips to Gatlinburg. So let’s look at some things people visiting this area might want to do. What’s the point of Having a blog if you can’t have some fun with it now and then?

  • If you enjoy watching wildlife in its natural habitat, you will want to visit Cades Cove. My family actually has a place near there, and we’ll often take a drive through Cades Cove when we go up. It’s a nice place to drive around, or you could ride bikes or walk. I know one of the loops is eleven miles. You can also camp here in this park. I’m not sure we’ll do this on my special trip though.
  • One of the things I think my friends and I will do is go rafting. We’ll be going on one of their easier trips since I am disabled. This is a great way for me to enjoy the beautiful Little Tennessee. I’ll usually get out and swim at some point during the trip. I love it. It’s relaxing and fun at the same time.
  • We will also go to the zoo at some point. The zoo is in Knoxville. It looks like they will have your pretty standard elephants, lions, tigers and bears. The zoo will have all kinds of special events.
  • I know we are also going to spend a day at Dollywood. I know they have a water park which I am excited about. My guess is they’ll also have shows and things like that we’ll enjoy.

And even more fall destinations

I hope you had a good weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. Even though it looked quite different than a normal Easter, my family and I did have a good day.

  • I had to laugh when I saw the first destination for today. Those of you who watch “Veggie ales” will surely remember the “Pirates who don’t do anything”. They’ve never been to Boston in the fall, but you should. You will probably enjoy the chilly air as you walking from place to place. There is a lot of great history to be taken in here. And most people will also love their coffee shops.
  • Do you like surprises? Who doesn’t? You might want to visit Sedonia, Arizona. This place has a surprising moderate climate. It is a great area a to hike and explore.
  • Are you looking for a little luxury? Do you also want to see Grand Tetons? Consider going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is absolutely beautiful country. And you will find a lot of nice restaurants.

More fall destinations

We’re hoping to see life return to a more normal pace soon. Summer may be busy with a lot of people traveling. Fall may be the time when people who want to take quieter s might want to travel. But please don’t hold me to that, no one is sure what is going to happen. But let’s look at some more fall destinations.

  • The first one we are going to look at today is a fun one for me because I have done reading about this area. I’m talking about Lancaster County, most decidedly Amish country. Personally I would love are to go there, take in their beautiful countryside, and enjoy some of their delicious cooking. Visiting this place would also give you a taste of a simpler way of life.
  • Do you live out west, and want to explore a beautiful place? You might want to to try Walla Walla, California. This is close to the Napa Valley which is known for its vineyards. You are going to find a lot of vineyards here too. It is also known for being a very friendly town.
  • The next place the article I’m reading suggested is Mackinaw island. I know someone who has been , and they said it was one of the most romantic places they had been. This place has a lot of Victorian architecture. And their leaves are absolutely beautiful this time of year. They have one more draw, they are also famous for their fudge.

Fall destinations to consider #1

reading the news today there is actually some hope that in May, or by summer depending on who you listen to life should return to a somewhat more normal pace. We’ll see what happens. So summer travel, I imagine, might be even busier than it normally . I do not know the future, no one does. But I thought that we might start looking at some fall destinations today.

  • There is town in New Jersey Cape May. It is a beach, and while it is wonderful inĀ  summer, I hear it is magical in the fall. Part of the magic is that monarch butterflies descend on the area for a few weeks. You will also find some great places to eat in this town.
  • If you would like to be part of a October Fest, you might want to try Leavenworth,Washington. They will have their festival for three weekends in October. You will love their German food? And you can find a lot of it whether or not you go during the festival. It is also simply beautiful country.
  • do Do you like to hike? Maybe you also enjoy learning about wine? You might want to go to Katy Trail. This trail runs along the Missouri River.

Why you should go to Europe in the fall

I think most everyone of going to Europe at least once in their lives. I have been to cypress a couple of times, and it is absolutely beautiful. Today we are going to talk about why you should go in the fall.

  • Everyone and their brother goes to Europe in the summer. So not only is it hot over there, you are going to be fighting crowds everywhere you go. And all of the wait staff in the hotels and at the restaurants are going to be super busy And besides, summers is when the people over there want to take their vacations as well. In fall, you will have a much quieter, more relaxed visit. You may even find yourself paying less in the fall.
  • Europe also has a lot of fall festivals that you might enjoy. Germany does beer festivals in October. There is also a great streetĀ  party in Barcelona each September.

More about surviving those long flights

I’m looking into make some changes to the business, there is a lot on my mind, and I want to do. But I do to make sure this get this done, so here goes.

Let’s back to the discussion we started yesterday about surviving long flights.

  • Long flights are usually not the time to dress to impress. to be traveling, and will feel the need to wipe off, if not get a shower before doing anything else. You will want to wear comfortable clothing. A lot of people seem to wear sweats and some kind of shirt.
  • socks. Most people do not wear shoes on the air. And some people are uncomfortable with bare feet, and planes are not cleanest things, especially when everybody in it hours on end.
  • good to hydrate yourself and anyone you have care of when you are in the air. That means drinking lots of water and juice. That doesn’t mean drinking lots of adult beverages. Doing that will keep you healthier and better able to cope with jetlag.