Make cruising even more special

I feel like I’m always writing posts to those people who have never cruised before. I’m writing about “Why you should cruise”, “How to pick a cruise”, and things like that. But today I am going to be talking to people who have cruised many times before and are looking for ways to take their cruising to the next level. And some of these tips will involve spending some more money while others will be free or relatively inexpensive.

  • Have you taken a pre or post cruise trip? Going to the port city a few days early will allow you even more time to relax. You might want to shop for a fun new wardrobe for your cruise. Or you might want to stay in a luxury hotel before your cruise. Being well rested before you cruise is always a good idea.
  • Do you love cruises except for the tiny cabins you always stay in. Consider upgrading a bigger cabin. Your family will thank you for doing that. Not only will you get a lot more room, you are also likely to get a higher level of service, because the higher end cabins come with more amenities and services. You might even want to throw a party for your new friends.
  • Cruises are not all about the ships themselves, these ships can also take you to many different exotic places. What has your family always dreamed of doing? Is it the time to take your whole family to Europe? Cruising can actually be a more economical way to see Europe if you do it right. Or maybe you’re wanting to get to the Caribbean and see a private island.

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