Make cruising even more fun #2

Let’s keep on looking at some ways you might want to kick your next cruise up a notch.

  • Part of the fun on any cruise is how you eat, having many choices of restaurants where you can eat most any time that you feel like it. But might you want to take that to the next level? You might want to do a date night at a specialty restaurant. Some of these restaurants do cost a little extra. You might also want to order a several course meal as room service. A lot of cruises now have room service at no extra charge. You can also make special requests of the restaurants.
  • Many people do not like to dress to up. That is why most cruises have done away with requiring formal dress. But it can be fun to dress up on occasion. This might be the perfect night to go to a nicer restaurant, and then go dancing. A lot of ships have actual ballrooms. This could definitely turn into an evening to remember.
  • Do you have a little extra money that you have not spent yet? Maybe you want to treat yourself to that massage you’ve always wanted, but never could afford. Or maybe you have seen a piece of jewelry that you really want. Or maybe you want to do something kind for someone else, whether or not you know them.
  • Take some time simply to enjoy the beauty of all that is around you. You are out on the ocean. Don’t get so busy doing everything that you forget to take sometime to sit and look at the beautiful water. A lot of ships are going to do “movies under the stars. Enjoy cuddling with your sweetie while you enjoy the movie.
  • You will also definitely want some pictures. Plan on taking a couple with your family every single day. Candids are great, but you will also want to plan a few out.
  • Try new things. That could be trying different foods. If you don’t like something, you can always order something else at no charge. Take some of those classes they have on board. Try a sport you’ve never done before. You might find a brand new hobby.

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