Some great road trip destinations

Almost half of all Americans want to make their first trip out a road trip. So today let’s start looking at some places you might want to go on your first road trip after quarantine.

  • You probably want to stay away from the Big Apple these days, but New York’s Finger Lakes are pretty nice. You will be a couple of hours away from all of the craziness of the big city. There are many small town up there around the lake which you will enjoy.
  • I know we’ve talked about about Boston recently. But this really is a fun city to explore. This is a great place to take your children if they’re studying the American Revolution. And it is also a great city to go to for some culture. You can also get some amazing seafood.
  • Do you want to see some beautiful mountains? You might want to try Assheville, North Carolina. They have a lot of interesting shops you will want to look through. I also hear that it is great place for breweries. You might also want to make your way up to Bristol, Virginia, which is another neat town. Y
  • ou might want to go a little further south and make a trip to Atlanta/Savannah\Charleston. Atlanta has some fantastic museums. You will also want to go relax at some of their beautiful beaches, and indulge in she some of their marvelous cuisine.
  • Do you enjoy country music? You might want to go to Nashville. This is where all of the big names in country music live and work.

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