River cruises

River cruising is growing more and more popular. And why not? Yes, most river cruises are luxury, and you’ll pay a pretty penny for them. But a lot of these cruises are in Europe, and you are likely going to pay pretty much to see Europe anyway. And river cruises do give you a lot of luxury. And once you pay to get on, you usually don’t have to worry about money again, because everything is already paid for. Let’s look some more at what these cruises are like. First, let’s look at some of the basics about river cruising.

  • You are not going to get many sea days like you would on an ocean cruise. They usually have excursions you can be part of each day. Everything is going to be completely optional, of course. But there is not a lot you can do on these ships. And often, even your shore excursions are already paid for.
  • Sometimes you will be able to choose between walking tours and motorcoach tours. You will be exploring places like castles and vineyards and food tastings. Sometimes you will pay a little more for things like evening concerts and cooking classes, or even art classes.
  • You are usually going to get to explore three countries in a week’s time, with some lines starting to offer longer itineraries. Almost always you will be are starting in some fantastic city you are going to have some exceptions with the Christmas markets and the New Year, these generally run between April and October.

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