More fun adventures



Who is ready to go on some kind of adventure? I know I am ready to do something fun after all of this mess we are going through lately. If you know what I mean, please read on.

  • Do you and your family love going mountain biking together? Why don’t you go on a weekend long adventure in Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll be riding through their desert. The trip will take you anywhere between three and seven hours. Don’t worry, there are plenty of nice resorts and other things to do in this area.
  • Or do you like waterfalls? Ever dreamed of going down one like they do in the movies? New Zealand has a twenty-three foot waterfall you can go down if you are brave enough. And yes, they do offer guided tours.
  • Do you wish you had been able to go through Boy Scouts\Girl Scouts? You can still go through some wilderness training. Not only will you and your family learn about the basics of camping, you will also learn how to make hunting weapons, and how to use traps and snares.
  • Do you love looking out from the top of the world? At the CN Tower, they let you lean over the edge. Now, you are on ropes, and everything is safe just so you know.

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