Safe places

restorehe safe places to travel these days? Let’s look at some places you might want to go. While no country is completely safe, and you always want to use your common sense, these are some places you might want to try if safety is a big concern of yours.

  • Australia is one of the best places you can go. And a lot of people love it. I think you pretty much want to go to Sydney because there is not much else in Australia. I know they have a great zoo. Sydney’s Opera House is there.
  • Do you and your family love the Lord of the Rings? New Zealand is where all of that was filmed here. They have a Hobbit village and everything. I know that this is also a great place to go explore caves.
  • Okay, I think this is talking about safe as far as low crime rates. This that I’m reading says that Italy is safe. I’m not sure where they are on the COVID-19 situation now. Obviously they have lots of great food. They also have a lot of beautiful art you will love.

Some great road trip destinations

Almost half of all Americans want to make their first trip out a road trip. So today let’s start looking at some places you might want to go on your first road trip after quarantine.

  • You probably want to stay away from the Big Apple these days, but New York’s Finger Lakes are pretty nice. You will be a couple of hours away from all of the craziness of the big city. There are many small town up there around the lake which you will enjoy.
  • I know we’ve talked about about Boston recently. But this really is a fun city to explore. This is a great place to take your children if they’re studying the American Revolution. And it is also a great city to go to for some culture. You can also get some amazing seafood.
  • Do you want to see some beautiful mountains? You might want to try Assheville, North Carolina. They have a lot of interesting shops you will want to look through. I also hear that it is great place for breweries. You might also want to make your way up to Bristol, Virginia, which is another neat town. Y
  • ou might want to go a little further south and make a trip to Atlanta/Savannah\Charleston. Atlanta has some fantastic museums. You will also want to go relax at some of their beautiful beaches, and indulge in she some of their marvelous cuisine.
  • Do you enjoy country music? You might want to go to Nashville. This is where all of the big names in country music live and work.

And even more about Austin

Yesterday we talked about a lot different things you can do outdoors in Austin. Today I think we are going to move inside.

  • Let’s start by looking at Alamo Drafthouse. This is a theater. But not only does it play current releases, it also plays the classics as well as Indie films. They also serve all kinds of food and drinks.
  • They just call it the LBJ Presidential Library. But this place can give you a lot of insight into one of our more misunderstood presidents. You may even get a new perspective on the Vietnam not war.
  • People who love books will probably enjoy the Harry Ransom Center. It’s a museum, library, and archive all rolled into one. Here you will get to see Gutenberg’s bible, and the first permanent photograph ever taken.
  • Have you heard of the Broken Spoke? This is a Honky Tonk. And Willie Nelson fans are sure to want to come, because sometimes the man himself comes and plays here.

More places in Austin

Let’s get back to our discussion about what to see and do in Austin, Texas. It is a big city, and there are a lot of different things for families to do together.

  • Today we are going to start with looking at their Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. Charles Umlauf was a sculptor, and he and his wife donated their home and a lot of his work to the city of Austin.
  • Do you love to look at flowers? You might want to try Zilker Botanical Gardens which is kind of the centerpiece of Zilker Park. A lot of people come to visit this beautiful place each year. This is a great place for those who love to garden themselves.
  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is another beautiful place to visit. This place was founded by Ladybird Johnson when she was our first lady. They have many nice walking trails. And children will want to be sure to visit their children’s garden.
  • Do you and your family like exploring caves together? You might enjoy visiting Longhorn Cavern State Park. You really should take a guided tour of this place, they have several that you can choose from.  You are sure to hear some of the place’s stories and legends on whichever tour you go on.
  • Do you want to get out there and stretch your muscles? Try Lady Bird Lake Hike or Bike Trail. You can walk, jog, or bike around the one miles of beautiful lake.


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Today we are going to start looking at some things you might want to do if you were to go to Austin, Texas.

  • And the first attraction we are going to look at today is their nearby Colorado River. This is a great place to go kayaking, especially if someone in your family likes bats. About a million bats migrate here each year.
  • Austin has always been known as a great place for music lovers. They will have several great music festivals each year.
  • Do you want to know a great place to take in some great views? Try Mount Bonnell. This is close to Lake Austin, and is a great place for hikers and bikers.
  • Who wants to go to Texas and not ride a horse? Austin has some great trails that you and your family can enjoy together.
  • All of this sounds great, but where might you stay? One place you might consider is their Lake Austin Spa Resort. They have a fantastic spa, with special treatments for men and teens. They also have two pools as well as multiple hot tub said to name just a few of their amenities.
  • If you love the water, you might want to try Austin’s Barton Springs Pool. Here the water stays around 70 degrees, and you can swim here the whole year.

Make cruising even more fun #2

Let’s keep on looking at some ways you might want to kick your next cruise up a notch.

  • Part of the fun on any cruise is how you eat, having many choices of restaurants where you can eat most any time that you feel like it. But might you want to take that to the next level? You might want to do a date night at a specialty restaurant. Some of these restaurants do cost a little extra. You might also want to order a several course meal as room service. A lot of cruises now have room service at no extra charge. You can also make special requests of the restaurants.
  • Many people do not like to dress to up. That is why most cruises have done away with requiring formal dress. But it can be fun to dress up on occasion. This might be the perfect night to go to a nicer restaurant, and then go dancing. A lot of ships have actual ballrooms. This could definitely turn into an evening to remember.
  • Do you have a little extra money that you have not spent yet? Maybe you want to treat yourself to that massage you’ve always wanted, but never could afford. Or maybe you have seen a piece of jewelry that you really want. Or maybe you want to do something kind for someone else, whether or not you know them.
  • Take some time simply to enjoy the beauty of all that is around you. You are out on the ocean. Don’t get so busy doing everything that you forget to take sometime to sit and look at the beautiful water. A lot of ships are going to do “movies under the stars. Enjoy cuddling with your sweetie while you enjoy the movie.
  • You will also definitely want some pictures. Plan on taking a couple with your family every single day. Candids are great, but you will also want to plan a few out.
  • Try new things. That could be trying different foods. If you don’t like something, you can always order something else at no charge. Take some of those classes they have on board. Try a sport you’ve never done before. You might find a brand new hobby.

Make cruising even more special

I feel like I’m always writing posts to those people who have never cruised before. I’m writing about “Why you should cruise”, “How to pick a cruise”, and things like that. But today I am going to be talking to people who have cruised many times before and are looking for ways to take their cruising to the next level. And some of these tips will involve spending some more money while others will be free or relatively inexpensive.

  • Have you taken a pre or post cruise trip? Going to the port city a few days early will allow you even more time to relax. You might want to shop for a fun new wardrobe for your cruise. Or you might want to stay in a luxury hotel before your cruise. Being well rested before you cruise is always a good idea.
  • Do you love cruises except for the tiny cabins you always stay in. Consider upgrading a bigger cabin. Your family will thank you for doing that. Not only will you get a lot more room, you are also likely to get a higher level of service, because the higher end cabins come with more amenities and services. You might even want to throw a party for your new friends.
  • Cruises are not all about the ships themselves, these ships can also take you to many different exotic places. What has your family always dreamed of doing? Is it the time to take your whole family to Europe? Cruising can actually be a more economical way to see Europe if you do it right. Or maybe you’re wanting to get to the Caribbean and see a private island.

Traveling again


The government is opening up places and businesses. People are starting to come out of hiding places and are starting to figure out how to live in this new normal. No one is quite sure what it all is going to look like, but we will see. I didn’t want to be part of all of the doom and gloom we have been seeing in the news. But now that we’re seeing a hope for a new normal, let’s take a look at what some people think that might look like in the near future.

I find this interesting. A lot of people are wanting to plan a trip to visit family once all of this is over. Many of them plan to travel by car, and many of them are planning to travel no more than two hundred miles. Some others are planning on doing staycation over the next couple of months.

Travel agents are among those who are about ready to travel again. A lot of them want everyone else to see that is safe to travel. And many are eager to experience new destinations so that they can come home and tell their clients how wonderful these places are. Most of them think that late summer is probably going to be a great time to start traveling again.

Everyone seems to think that a phased approach to reopening wise. And Disney is no exception to this. Their plan is to open up their retail stores before their parks. They’re talking to different government officials to see when it might be safe and wise to open up their parks?.

Even more about Boston

I hope everyone is doing well during this strange time in our world. Let’s get back to our discussion about Boston.

  • Today we are going to start by looking at their fine arts museum. This is one of the largest museums in our nation, and they get a lot of visitors each year. Here you are going to find many different pieces of art.
  • Do you like looking at older houses? You might want to visit Boston’s North End. This is one of their oldest neighborhoods this spot has places like Paul Revere’s house and Old North Church. This place was not exactly made with cars in mind, so it is recommended that you walk. And you might want to start out hungry because they have some great Italian food here.
  • You will want to take a look at Paul Revere’s house. What was once the home of the famous rider has been turned into a museum. You can see something of how they lived back in those days.
  • Their South End is a very nice neighborhood. You will find a lot of nice restaurants to enjoy here. Here you can try any cuisine that you wish

More about Boston

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I would love to know any questions you might about how to do family travel unless or anything like that. I would love to know more of your thoughts. Who knows? Your question might be featured in a blog post. For now, let’s return to our discussion about Boston.

  • They say that you can not miss a trip to Faneuil Hall if you do go visit this beautiful city. Why? This is one of the places Mr. Samuel Adams often held court. What was once a meeting hall has now turned into a nice to shop and eat. They will also have street performances from time to time.
  • Boston is home to what is known as “America’s Most Beloved Park”. They call it Fenway Park. They opened first in 1912, so it isn’t as old as some of the things in this city. And I hear that this is a great place to eat Cracker Jacks and peanuts.
  • Does your family like to take long walks? You might want to check out Freedom Trail. This is a two and a half mile walking path where you can explore sixteen different historic sites along the way. This is a great place to start if you are interested at all in the history of this place.
  • Might your children be interested in going to Harvard? The campus is right across the Charles River. It is a beautiful place to have a picnic, or just sit and people watch.
  • A lady named Isabella Stuart Gardener was an art collector. She collected from America, Europe and Asia. She created a very home like museum. And if your name happens to be Isabella you get in free.