More Fourth of July destinations

The Fourth of July is going to be here before you know it. Have you thought about what you might like to do? Today we are going to look at some more ideas for you.

  • Our first one today is going to be Knoxville, Tennessee which has been rated the most patriotic city by USA Today. It has all the essentials for a great celebration of the Fourth of July. Here you will find great barbecue, great breweries, and all day festivities leading up to a great fireworks display. The festivities are held in the old World’s Fair Park.
  • Is one of your favorite things to do as a family is to walk around and explore a city together? You might want to try Savannah, Georgia? This is a beautiful city. And it is another great place for those who love food.
  • Do you want to celebrate Fourth of July in the Big Apple. Yes, they do celebrate more than Christmastime/New Year’s in this city. So many of those who come to our country seeking freedom have ended up staying here in this city. And there is always more than one celebration you can attend.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana has a little something for everyone. They have a great children’s museum for one thing. Does your family enjoy riding bikes together? Indianapolis has a great rideshare program for you. They also have a great zoo.

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