Cruises for singles

You might be single, and might be going on a cruise to try to to find that love you’ve always dreamed of. Cruises can be great places for singles to mingle. Or you might be happily married with a family, but you just need a break. You are tired of doing the same thing day after day. You are tired of seeing to other people’s needs all of the time. Some downtime where all you have to do is please yourself sounds good. Let’s look at some cruiselines that might work great for you if you want to cruise on your own.

  • And the first one we are going to look at were today is Norwegian Cruise Line. They were among the first to come up with the idea of solo cabins. Why? Because most cruises would have you pay double if you were single and wanted a room to yourself. These cabins are small and are all inside. But how much time are you going to be in your room anyway? Singles will also have access to their own private lounge..
  • rAnd on Holland America they have a lot of programs for the singles aboard their ships. They have a culinary program where you can take cooking classes, do wine tastings, and all kindnesses of fun things. You can use the classes and other offerings as a means to meet others, but you aren’t required to meet anyone if you don’t want to. You can also eat with other singles if you would like.

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