And more travel tips


We are going to get back to looking at some more travel tips for you today.

  • Everyone knows that the seats on airplanes are not the most comfortable. Part of the problem is that they do not fit your back right at all. Sitting for long stretches of time is already hard on your back. Trust me, I’m disabled, I know all about this. Take a blanket or sweater or something and put it behind your back to help your back. I
  • f you get stuck in the middle seat, go on and take both armrests. Your seatmates should not consider you rude if you do this. It is the generally accepted practice to do this. After all, you do need some space
  • . I think that everyone knows that parking at the airport is expensive. This is actually one way that airports make a lot of their money.. There are several ways to work around that. First, have someone take you to the airport and pick you up, or Uber it. There are also always parking lots around the airports that you can use. But they can get expensive as well. Hotels around airports will often allow you to park if you stay with them one night.
  • You have gotten to the airport early, you’ve gone through security and everything, now what? Some airports offer free tours of their facilities. These are can be pretty interesting.

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