You need a vacation

There is not a question in my mind that I need to take sometime off. I’ve been working each day since the beginning of the year, and I’m definitely tired. I have some vacation planned next month. You might guess that I’m getting excited about it.

I’ve written about all this, but a lot of Americans do not do well when it comes to taking vacation. We think we’re too important at our jobs to take off. But taking time off helps us getting the juices flowing and enjoying work again. Here are some signs that you really need a vacation.

  • Do you look like your passport photo? This is an old joke. But are you stressed, and I think everyone is stressed these days with everything going on these days. Does your back hurt all of the time, or your neck? Stomach problems can be another sign of stress.
  • Are you having trouble sleeping? You might have trouble falling to sleep. Or you might be waking up way before you need to be. Either way sleeping problems are another sign of stress.
  • Are you missing family stuff? Do you remember the last time you had dinner in back of with your family? Be you you missing things that are important to your children? It may be time to take that vacation and get some dedicated family time.

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