We are going to get to back to our discussion about glamping, and where you might want to try this out.

  • And the first one we are going to look at today is Mt. Hood Tiny House Village which is in Portland, Oregon. Are you looking for a place to get away from all of the stress of life, and who wouldn’t be these days with everything going on, you should try this place. Here their places are called tiny homes. And they have full kitchens and bathrooms in each place. They have miniature golf and lots of places to hike.
  • Do you love being out on the lake? You and your family could try River Dance Lodge. This sounds like a pretty exclusive place with only three tents and eight cabins.. You can also bring your own tents. They’ll have a nice restaurant for you and activities for you enjoy.
  • Is someone in your family family crazy about treehouses? Consider Mohicans Treehouse Resort which is in Ohio. You can rent treehouse rooms or these lavish cabins for you to enjoy. Here you will also be near Amish. If you like country cooking, be sure to check out Amish restaurants.
  • Or is your thing animals, especially the wild kind? Think about going to California’s Safari West Wildlife Preserve. Here you will be able to see things like hippos and giraffes.

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