I’m having problems with my communication device. I am going to do the best I can to work this week, but we will see what happens. Next week is my vacation. Hopefully after that, things will return to normal for a little both at least.

Many of us are dying to get out of the we’ve been cooped up in for far too long. But where should we go? What is safe? Let’s start looking at some ideas.

  • The virtual tour industry is exploded. This is for those that are still uncomfortable traveling, but are dying to do something different with their days. A lot of places are doing these virtual tours. And these tours are much less expensive than going to the actual places.
  • State parks are often overlooked, but they can be fun to explore, especially when you are looking for a trip for just you and your family, and not wanting to be around crowds. I know, that sounds wonderful to some and horrible to others. Spend your time watching animals and having of outdoors adventures.
  • Or you might want to plan your own staycation. Take time off of work, and go do the a things you want to do but never time for. Go enjoy your parks. Go to the library get some old movies and spend the day watching movies as a family. Get takeout from your favorite restaurants

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