More to love about MSC

It’s Monday, and as usual, I’m back to feeling better and more likes like working. And that’s a good thing.. Let’s return to our discussion about all the great things you’ll love about MSC Cruises.

  • First, I have a confession to make, I usually prefer eating what is not the best food for me. I love pizza and hamburgers, and I love sweets. And to me, vacations are times to eat what you like and not what’s good for you. And apparently, MSC knows that there are people like me who enjoy treats because they have both a chocolate shop and a gelato shop. It does look like you do have to pay extra to indulge.
  • When you go on vacation, is all you really want to do is to sit in the lap of luxury? You might want to try out MSC’s Yacht Club. Being in one of these suites is going to get you a number of special perks. For example, you will be enjoying butler service, your own exclusive pool, and your own restaurant and lounge. And the suites themselves are highly praised in the cruise world.
  • MSC is an Italian cruise company. Yes, they do for sure sail out of the States. But you will be enjoying an international crowd. You will be meeting other guests from the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Portugal, etc. Be sure to get out and meet people from other countries. You’ll never know what you might be able to learn from them otherwise.

About MSC

Let’s take a a look at what MSC Cruises has to offer

  • First of all, their ships are going to have several pools you will be able to choose from. If one pool gets busy, you can always go try out another one. They will have a pool for those that are over sixteen. They will also have a pool only for those that are in their nicer suites.
  • On their newer ships, you will find an amusement park and game room type area which your whole family will love. For starters, you will find a 4D theater. They also have a racecar simulator that everyone is going to want to enjoy. You will also find a roller coaster, and there is always laser tag. This is a place you might want to go as you are trying to work up your appetite for that big meal, not somewhere you want to go when full.
  • Do you and your family love the water? What about watersides? You are always going to have at least four waterslides on a MSC cruise ship. And they are always at the top of the ship, allowing you to have true fun in the sun.

About Disney cruises

When you’re tired and don’t know to write about, write about Disney, I always say.

The first thing you need to know is Disney is not Carnival. Carnival is going to charge you a lot less to get on board, but then they are going to nickel and dime you every time you turn around on your cruise. If you have cruised with Carnival you might get sticker shock looking at Disney’s prices, but Disney offers a much higher level of service, and they won’t charge more money every time you turn around


  • I have heard that Disney’s entertainment is much cleaner than most other cruises They play a lot of Disney movies, to be sure And most of their plays follow the movies pretty closely.
  • And like always at Disney you are going busy to be meeting characters everywhere. They will be on board. You will be able to have meals with them.

Travel etiquette #3

I am talking to a couple of different people about jobs, so we will see what happens. Meanwhile, I’m playing and experimenting with this, trying to figure out the new platform. Anyway, let’s get back to our discussion on travel etiquette.

  • People from other countries are known for having complicated political views. You probably don’t want to get into political discussions with foreigners. Often countries will have difficult pasts when it comes to their government. If you do broach the subject of politics, you want will to be careful not to hurt the people’s feelings.
  • You may have heard that other countries do bargaining. Okay, the not first thing to remember is that bargaining is never done in your normal brick-and-mortar stores. For bargaining, you are looking for open air markets. You will always want to be respectful to the shop owners you are dealing with. And have an idea what a good price is going to be.
  • And please do not litter. This is not acceptable anywhere on earth you would go. There are some absolutely beautiful places in this world. Throwing trash on the ground is a very disrespectful thing to do. So just don’t do it.

Looking more at travel etiquette

I am trying to figure out this new blog format. Meanwhile I’m looking at jobs and found a job I would love to get Getting that job, or a job similar to that, would be an answer to prayer for sure.

Today let’s return to our discussion on travel etiquette

When you travel remember that you are the guest, and that the natives are your hosts. Let them go about their daily lives. Always be kind and courteous to them Always be polite when asking for directions. Most people will be more than happy to help you out

There are always reasons for the rules people make. Don’t be a rebel and break them You never know when you might be in danger.

I know that some people just love taking selfies, and want to take as many as possible, especially when they are in a foreign country. But be mindfulwhere you take them. For example, you wouldn’t want to take a selfie at a concentration camp in Germany. It is just not respectful. Also most museums do not want you taking pictures.

Part of the reason a lot of people travel is to experience the food. You might love some of their food and not like others. Be careful not to insult their food. And always be sure to do some research on what the country you are going to visit as far as tipping.

I know you are on vacation and want to be dress comfortably. But be respectful of the country and their customs. You do not want to go into a synagogue with bare shoulders. And do not go anywhere in your pajamas, just don’t.

Travel etiquette

I’m sorry about all of the craziness on this blog. We’ve been on busy lately. I’m doing my best to keep up with work, and of course, Word press is is changing things while I am busy and don’t want to take the time to figure things out. And also, I’m still trying to figure out some kind of paying were work. I’ve been looking for a couple of years now. Finding paying work I can do weres is not easy with my disability and all that I am not able to do. I would love to find something soon.

On this blog, I talk about different trips you and your family might be able to take together. I also write about things you should and should not do while you are traveling. Today we are going to look some more at travel etiquette.

If you are going to another country, please take sometime to learn about the place. Learn about the people. Not everyone is the same. Did you know that in some places it is considered very rude not to burp after a meal?

But be very careful that you are pronouncing it the right way. Some phrases sound very similarly, and you might confuse the people you are talking to.

One thing that you will want to be sure to do is to learn at least a few of the phrases in the language where you are going. Yes, a lot of countries do teach English in their school systems. But it is considered polite to learn a few of their phrases.

Family triprelaxation

It’s late, but I want to try to get this done anyway. Today let’s talk some about family trips. Okay, let’s face it, sometimes family trips can be so much is fun. Other trips can be stressful. The point of vacation is to relax obviously.. So how do you try to get everyone to relax on vacation?? First you need to choose the right destination.

You will want to go somewhere that takes everyone out of their day to day routines. You might want to go somewhere where you can’t get internet, or can’t get it easily. Go somewhere that everyone in your family can enjoy together.

Everyone in your family should unplug, or at least try to most of the time. Vacation is time for you to be to together as a family. It is not time for everyone to be on their phones or whatever. Do things together. Part of the fun is trying to get out there and try new together.

Take that adventure that you’ve always wanted to take, try new food. Go on that long hike. Enjoy doing creative things.

Where can you go

Where can you go these days? That’s a big question with everything that is going on right now. What opened? What isn’t? Where can you do things. Let’s look at that today.

One place you might want to look at is Antigua and Barbuda. They opened the first of June you need to take a test and prove that you aren’t sick, and then you can play. You do have to wear masks when you go out into public.

You may also want to try Aruba. They have opened as of July. You have to take online tests three days before your trip. If you pass, you can enter. Belize has just opened its borders. Again you have to take a test and pass three days before. You will have to download their health app. Your temperature will be taken at the airport. You will also need to wear a mask.

You might also want to check out Bermuda. You have to prove that you are not sick. Travelers will be tested at the airport you will have to quarantine somewhere six to eight hours.