Family triprelaxation

It’s late, but I want to try to get this done anyway. Today let’s talk some about family trips. Okay, let’s face it, sometimes family trips can be so much is fun. Other trips can be stressful. The point of vacation is to relax obviously.. So how do you try to get everyone to relax on vacation?? First you need to choose the right destination.

You will want to go somewhere that takes everyone out of their day to day routines. You might want to go somewhere where you can’t get internet, or can’t get it easily. Go somewhere that everyone in your family can enjoy together.

Everyone in your family should unplug, or at least try to most of the time. Vacation is time for you to be to together as a family. It is not time for everyone to be on their phones or whatever. Do things together. Part of the fun is trying to get out there and try new together.

Take that adventure that you’ve always wanted to take, try new food. Go on that long hike. Enjoy doing creative things.

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