More to love about MSC

It’s Monday, and as usual, I’m back to feeling better and more likes like working. And that’s a good thing.. Let’s return to our discussion about all the great things you’ll love about MSC Cruises.

  • First, I have a confession to make, I usually prefer eating what is not the best food for me. I love pizza and hamburgers, and I love sweets. And to me, vacations are times to eat what you like and not what’s good for you. And apparently, MSC knows that there are people like me who enjoy treats because they have both a chocolate shop and a gelato shop. It does look like you do have to pay extra to indulge.
  • When you go on vacation, is all you really want to do is to sit in the lap of luxury? You might want to try out MSC’s Yacht Club. Being in one of these suites is going to get you a number of special perks. For example, you will be enjoying butler service, your own exclusive pool, and your own restaurant and lounge. And the suites themselves are highly praised in the cruise world.
  • MSC is an Italian cruise company. Yes, they do for sure sail out of the States. But you will be enjoying an international crowd. You will be meeting other guests from the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Portugal, etc. Be sure to get out and meet people from other countries. You’ll never know what you might be able to learn from them otherwise.

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