More cheap accommodations

I don’t think I know too many people who would turn down inexpensive travel, if they feel comfortable traveling, these days. No one is quite sure what the economy is going to do. We will just have to wait and see what happens on all of that. But anyway, let’s get back to our discussion on inexpensive accommodations.

  • And today we are going to start by looking at camping. Get an inexpensive tent, and you will probably also want some kind of air mattress. But you should be able to use those over and over again. Are you traveling and see an open field? You could stop and sleep there at no cost. Now you don’t want to stop somewhere that is marked private property or anything like that. Actual campgrounds will charge a fee, but that is usually pretty minimal., unless you want to stay somewhere really popular. You will want to make sure to keep your food in a safe place. Also make sure to leave nothing behind you.
  • You should also consider housesitting or petsitting. Sometimes people leave their homes to go on vacation. Sometimes they have to go out of town for work. Either way, you could be sitting pretty if they decide to let you housesit for them. You might have to look after their pets, but that is usually a pretty small task. Sometimes the own will even pay you to stay there, which could be a sweet deal for you.. You may want to do this for a friend a or two to give you some references. Have them write out a list of everything that they would like to do.
  • There is a website that is where a lot of people have signed up to have people stay with them. And these are people from all around the world. Sometimes you are going to sleep on their couch, and sometimes you get a real bedroom. Both the host and the traveler can leave reviews on their site to give you an idea of what its really like. Make time to do something fun with your host. They may sign up because they are lonely.

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