More about condos

We are going to talk some more about condos, and what you should do.

  • You have chosen to rent a house instead of staying at a hotel for a reason Remember that reason.. You are not going to have maid service No one is going to turn down for you., If you want someone to clean up after you, you are going to have to pay for it.
  • When something goes wrong or breaks, you may be tempted not to do anything about it. But don’t do that When something comes up, let the owner know right away. It will help you, it will help them. And it will also help future guests as well.
  • You will want to know what all of the rules are for the house you’re looking at before you book with them. Who knows? You might be too young to book the place. Wouldn’t you love that? Remember that you are staying in someone else’s home. Be nice and follow their rules.
  • And please, let everyone who is going to be staying at the house know about the rules. You don’t want something happening, and then you may become responsible for something that one of your friends did, do you? Have a little meeting, and go over the rules with everyone..

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