Social distancing vacation ideas

I’m not sure what you are doing about going on in the world right now. You might still be barricaded in your home, not going anywhere unless you have to. Or you might be going anywhere and everywhere that you can. Either way, here are some ideas for social distancing vacations that you and your family might want to consider..

  • Fall is a great time to go camping. I know that a lot of families go camping every year in this season. Camping is a great time to make ‘smores, to hike, and to go fishing. It is also a great time to sit around a campfire as family talking, laughing and telling stories.
  • We have just just been talking about renting a condo, and the right way to go about it. Fall is the perfect time to rent a mountain cabin. Go somewhere and maybe pray to be snowed in. Cook up your favorite comfort food, or pick some up before you get to your cabin. Enjoy time playing games as a family, or everyone curl up with a good book around the fire.
  • Many people feel safest when traveling in their own vehicle. Hit the open road and go on a road trip. You may not really care where you go. You just want to go somewhere and do something.

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