Plan that multi generation trip #1

It used to be that a couple would marry and have children, and then those children would grow up and get married and raise their families on farms not far from their parents. But now our jobs are no longer mostly farming jobs, people are choosing more of what they want to do and how they want to live. Families end up moving all over the country, or maybe even farther away, getting the jobs they want. I know my Mom’s family is up and down the the East Coast. And with one exception now, all of my siblings are on east Coast too. Personally we’ll gather at one another’s houses. But what do you do when you want to reconnect with your parents and siblings? Today let’s start talking about planning a multi generational trip and how to do it right.

  • The first thing that you will want to do is to have everyone that wants to participate to do some brainstorming. You will want to get your whole family to come. It might involve some talking and maybe even some coercing on your part. Get one person from each nuclear family to brain storm everything their family will need. Is anyone on a special diet? Might anyone need special accommodations because they’re getting older or have a disability? Have everyone come up with some dates that would work well for their family. And also have each family think of some places that they would like to go.
  • Another very important question is, what can everyone afford? Not all families make the same money. And not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to money. Do you want to go on a cruise? You might be surprised at how inexpensive cruises can be? Do you want to rent a condo and have everyone split the cost?
  • You will want to gather all of that info together, and then you will want to decide. Do you want to do the planning, or do you want a travel agent to do it? I know that that planning something like this could take a lot of work. Do you have the time to do it? Travel agents are paid a commission when they book hotels, car rentals, cruises and things like that.

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