Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is known as the land of enchantment, and it is an awful nice place to visit. Here you will find friendly people, incredibly good good food, and absolutely beautiful weather. Today let’s look at some things that you might want to do if you were to go to Puerto Rico.

  • One thing that Puerto Rico is known for is its beautiful beaches. And one of their most beautiful beaches is Flamenco Beach. You will not find any fancy resorts or nice restaurants here. But it is the perfect place to relax without crowds, traffic or crime. Our military is responsible for keeping the developers away.
  • Another popular attraction is Mosquito Bay on Vlequez. Are you wondering, like I am, why that is? It is because they have creatures there that are half-plant and half-animal. And at night, the water emits a blue glow from these creatures. It sounds like you’ll feel like you’re in outer space somewhere.

And more on tips

I enjoy writing these tips on tips on tips. They’re fun. They’re easy to write about.. So let’s get back to some more of them.

  • In Barcelona, Spain, you will most likely be charged for their service automatically. But if you are feeling particularly generous, or if you have an exceptionally good server, go on and add ten percent to your bill if you are at a high end place. Leave some change if you are eating at a more casual eatery.
  • Cape town, South Africa is apparently a happening food scene, I never knew that. You are going want to tip ten to fifteen percent at more restaurants. You will also want round up when you take a taxi. And add a dollar a bag when your porter gets your luggage for you.

More on tipping

Let’s look some more at how you should tip in other countries around the world. I think this is pretty interesting, better than anything about COVID-19 for sure. And this will help anyone who is traveling now or who wants to travel in the future.

  • Have you ever dreamed of going to Paris? In most restaurants in the City of Lights, they are going to charge you for service. That means that you do not have to leave a tip. However, a lot of people are either leaving some spare change or rounding up their bill. It is just something nice to do.
  • Tips are not required in Italy. But they are seen as a kind gesture. And who doesn’t want to be seen as kind? But before you tip, make sure to look at your bill to make sure that a gratuity hasn’t already been added. It is often added here in tourist areas.
  • The Japanese like to keep it simple. Do not tip. Good service is expected of all Japanese wait staff. They actually do have a tipping system, but it is pretty complicated.. Try learning it at your own risk.
  • Mexico is now a lot like the States. You are going to want to pay a ten to fifteen percent tip at any restaurant. You may want to keep in mind that these people usually do not make much, and you will truly be helping them out.

Tips on tipping

,I have things I want to do with the business for sure, so let me get started on this. How do you tip, especially when you are in other countries? Today we are going to look at some tips on tipping.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina sounds a lot like us. When you get through with your meal, you will want to leave a ten to fifteen percent tip. And you will want to be sure to leave it in cash.
  • In Australia, wait staff are paid a livable wage. They are not expecting anything from you. But you can leave something if you want to. This is especially true if they give you excellent service. Your leaving a few extra dollars will be appreciated.
  • If you are in the Czech Republic, you will want to see if they charged you for their service. While tips are not expected, they are becoming the normal thing. And again, ten to fifteen percent is what most everyone will pay.
  • When you are in Dubai, which I have heard is a very up and coming destination, once again you will want to check your check. Sometimes they charge you for their services. But here, the simple ten percent is the standard.

More places to walk

Let’s get back to looking at some cities that you might want to explore, especially if your family likes to walk around towns together on your vacations together.

  • Is anyone in your family into history? You might want to go walk Philadelphia. Go see the place where the Continental Congress happened. They also have a lot of shops by their Delaware River Harbor that you might find fascinating. You may also want to see some of the art that they have.
  • Or you might also want to go to the Lake Forest that is near Chicago. Here you will be near Lake Michigan. You will want to go explore their Market Square which will have a lot of shops for you. And that includes a a book shop called Lake Forest Book Store that is pretty popular.
  • Or you might also want to go to the Lake Forest that is near Chicago. Here you will be near Lake Michigan. You will want to go explore their Market Square which will have a lot of shops for you. And that includes a a book shop called Lake Forest Book Store that is pretty popular.

Great places to walk

I’m getting a late start, and there is a lot that I want and need to do. But I am determined not to just throw up another video. That always feels like I’m cheating. Anyway, I’m sitting on the porch, have been doing that quite a bit lately?. It is an absolutely beautiful time to go walking. If walking around is something you and your family like to do together, here are some ideas of towns that you might want to explore.

  • Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to walk around and enjoy at a slower pace of life. For one thing, there is a lot of history you can take in. You will be walking on cobblestone streets here. You may enjoy looking at some old church buildings that are said to be beautiful. You will also find a lot of fantastic restaurants.
  • Or you might want to check out Lexington, Kentucky.. And this is especially true if someone in your family simply loves horses. They have many, many horse farms in this area of the country. They also make bourbon here, so that might be interesting to some. And you will find a lot of great places to eat here too.