The perfect honeymoon #1

Again, I know that I have talked about honeymoons before, and probably will do so again. But so much of travel news is about COVID-19, and what is opened and what isn’t. I also know several people who have gotten married or about to get married. And I know nothing is normal these days. People are doing these small weddings with their immediate families. And then what? Are they going on honeymoons? Are they waiting until all of this is over, if it ever truly ends? Looking it up online, I couldn’t really find any answers. So anyway, the honeymoon is one trip most everyone considers pretty special. Hopefully you are going to take this trip only once in your life.

  • First, where would you like to go on your honey moon? Is there a place that you’ve always dreamed of going? What do you want to do on your honeymoon? Are you someone that all you want to do on your vacations is to lie on beautiful beaches? Or are you more the type that likes to do things on vacation? And what about your future husband? What does he like to do on vacations? You are going to want to talk this through, probably soon after you become engaged.
  • Some couples know exactly what they want to do. Other couples have no clue what they would like to do. For couples that don’t know what they’d like to do, go online. There is a lot of information available out there. Again, you will want to discuss your hopes and dreams for your special trip. Together you can look at the places that will interest the two of you as a couple..

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