More Thanksgiving ideas

I’m having a crazy day, had to go out to get some things done. But anyway, I’m here and getting to work now. So what is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Is it the food? Is it the football and parades? Is it the time off of work? Or is it the time to be with your family? I think mine would be time with my family, and maybe the food too. Okay, so let’s take a look at some more places you might want go for Thanksgiving.

  • Disney is actually a great place to go for Thanksgiving. Holidays tend to be crazy busy at Disney, with lots of people and activities. But I do think that Thanksgiving is one of the not so crazy holidays. They will have extended hours during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And you will be able to find your traditional Thanksgiving feast at several of Disney’s restaurants.
  • Are you all about the traditions? Do you love the parades and going Black Friday shopping? And I’m not just talking about any parade, I’m talking Macy’s parade itself. The Big Apple is such a romantic place to spend the holidays. Haven’t you seen the hallmark movies you will buy no end of things to see and do here.
  • Another place with a lot to see to and do is Chicago. You may want to arrive earlier in the day on that Wednesday, because Wednesday evening is when their mayor lights their Christmas tree. They have a three hour parade on Thanksgiving. And Friday you can shop or go ice skating.

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