Even more Thanksgiving destinations

I’m not sure what I am going to do the rest of this week. We are going to have some family time, and I’m not sure if I am going to write or just post videos or what I need to play this by ear. But anyway, let’s look at some more Thanksgiving destinations.

  • Today we are going to start by looking at New Orleans. Everyone knows that this is a city you want to go to if you want to enjoy some good food. Here you will have a lot of great seafood, and I can’t think of of the city without remembering the bakeries and the pastries they have. New Orleans also has a parade that you will enjoy.
  • Are you looking for a great place on the West Coast? You might want to try Santa Barbara, California. This is an absolutely beautiful place with some great beaches. Do you like learning about wine? They will have vineyards that you can explore. And you will you will be able to find a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner at any number of restaurants.

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