Tips on tipping

,I have things I want to do with the business for sure, so let me get started on this. How do you tip, especially when you are in other countries? Today we are going to look at some tips on tipping.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina sounds a lot like us. When you get through with your meal, you will want to leave a ten to fifteen percent tip. And you will want to be sure to leave it in cash.
  • In Australia, wait staff are paid a livable wage. They are not expecting anything from you. But you can leave something if you want to. This is especially true if they give you excellent service. Your leaving a few extra dollars will be appreciated.
  • If you are in the Czech Republic, you will want to see if they charged you for their service. While tips are not expected, they are becoming the normal thing. And again, ten to fifteen percent is what most everyone will pay.
  • When you are in Dubai, which I have heard is a very up and coming destination, once again you will want to check your check. Sometimes they charge you for their services. But here, the simple ten percent is the standard.

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