Puerto Rico

I am not 100% sure what this week is going to hold as far as work. My family has some different things going on this week. We will see how everything goes.

Puerto Rico is known as the land of enchantment, and it is an awful nice place to visit. Here you will find friendly people, incredibly good good food, and absolutely beautiful weather. Today let’s look at some things that you might want to do if you were to go to Puerto Rico.

  • One thing that Puerto Rico is known for is its beautiful beaches. And one of their most beautiful beaches is Flamenco Beach. You will not find any fancy resorts or nice restaurants here. But it is the perfect place to relax without crowds, traffic or crime. Our military is responsible for keeping the developers away.
  • Another popular attraction is Mosquito Bay on Vlequez. Are you wondering, like I am, why that is? It is because they have creatures there that are half-plant and half-animal. And at night, the water emits a blue glow from these creatures. It sounds like you’ll feel like you’re in outer space somewhere.

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