More travel tips

I was not able to be online yesterday. I apologize. I am trying to get everything I want to do quickly because I don’t know how long I have. We will see. But let’s look at some more general travel tips.

  • Don’t make travel all about you. Go on trips where you can volunteer with projects you believe in. It is always going to be great experience for you and your family. And you’re likely to make some great friends along the way.
  • Do not forget to take a lot of pictures along the way. Pictures are a great way to remember your trip. And it may help to get over your vacation blues to organize your pictures into scrapbooks once you are home, whether that is actual scrapbooks or online.
  • Say that you have a dream of going to this certain place. Some people may say that you can’t do this or that. Don’t give up. Look it up. The internet has tons of resources that might help you.

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