Places to explore

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did.. It was a great time with my family. But today let’s look at some countries you will be able to get into right now. Oh you will need a clean bill of health before you enter any of these places. There is no question of that. But these are places that are opened to those of us that are citizens of the United States.

  • Are you looking for a fun in the sun destination? You will want to try Antiqua and Barbuda. These are places in the Caribbean that you will not want to miss. Are you looking for places to enjoy your favorite water sports? They will have that. Is it time for a romantic get away? This would be the place for that as well. To get in, you must take the test, and they may test you again within the first fourteen days.
  • Aruba is another place you might want to think about going to. Again this would be another good place for those who want to get away from everything and enjoy some fun beside the beautiful ocean. You’ll have take a test and pass within five days of your visit..
  • I am going to switch gears a little and talk about some places that may or not be opened yet. Did you know that half of South Korea’s people live in Seoul? It is a real interesting place to visit. Do you like street food? You will find plenty here. This is also a great place to find out more about fashion.
  • Toyko is another fascinating destination that you and your family might want to consider. If you would like to see all the latest and greatest gadgets. It is a great place to shop. It is a fantastic place to eat.

Tips for Thanksgiving travel

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for travel. And yes, I know that some people are saying that you should not travel with everything going on this year. But others are saying that you should, it is important to gather with extended family during troubling times like these. It is important to have times of fun and celebration. It will also help us remember why we are grateful in the first place.

  • Everyone knows that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the absolute worst day to travel. That is when everyone wants to get to their destination. Consider leaving Tuesday as early as you can. Or you might want to leave as early as you can on Thanksgiving Day itself.
  • You can never be sure what might happen on the road, especially in winter. It is best to take a first aid kit. You will also want to take along some food, warm blankets, and flashlights.
  • Take along games so that no one must will get bored. Tell stories. Do things that will help pass the time.

Travel tips again

There is a lot to say when it comes to travel tips. I think the guy who I am taking these tips from has spent the majority of ten years traveling. So I think he kind of knows what he’s talking about. Let’s get back to it.

I know I have talked about this before, but there are a lot of credit cards that are going to give you rewards that you can use when travel. Some are going to give you airline miles that you can use. Others will help you with hotel costs, or maybe even restaurant dinners. You just need to get online and find the credit cards that will work best for you.

The news likes to make a big deal out of anything that they can. That is their job. But the world is not as dangerous place as the media makes it out to be. Oh please don’t be stupid, it is usually safer, and a lot more fun, to travel with family or friends the. Always keep your money on your person. And keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. If you do these things, you should be just fine.

Wear sun block. You don’t want to get a bad sunburn and have stay in your hotel room, feeling miserable the whole time, do you? And this is especially true when you’re at high altitudes or near the equator.

Even more travel tips

Today we are going to get back to some more travel tips. I hope that you are enjoying these tips. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments. But let’s get back to them now.

  • When it comes to eating, you will want to try a little bit of everything when you travel. Not knowing what it is may actually be a good thing. Ask the people that you get to know where their favorite places to eat are. Check out the street vendors that have the longest lines. Why do you want to travel if the only food you want to eat is the food you are used to?
  • There are some very nice hotels out there, and yes, you should splurge from time to time. But hotels are not the only places that you can stay. It is common for people in Europe to have a room ready for guests to stay in. They have a room for travelers to stay in, and often you’ll be more than welcome to eat breakfast with the family, and maybe even dinner too. There are also hostels you can stay in, where you can meet all kinds of interesting places. There are also apartments you can rent. Looking for ways to save money?
  • When traveling, my family would often have cereal for breakfasts, have sandwiches and things for lunch, and then we would go to eat at a restaurant for dinner. But even just eating dinner out can get old after a while. Having an apartment means that you are going to be able an to cook.
  • Restaurants that are right by tourist attractions are always going to be expensive. And do not get me started on the food in amusement parks, everything is awfully expensive at those places. Get away from those places before you decide where to eat.

And some more travel tips

Do you travel all of the time? I would love to know any travel tips that you might want to share. Please leave them in the comments. Have you never traveled before in your life? Read on for some more good travel tips.

  • When you travel, you are going to want to take pictures everywhere you go. Pack that extra camera battery, or have that phone charger. It just helps to be prepared. You never know what beautiful thing you might get to see and capture to take home to enjoy over and over.
  • Travel always involves a lot of walking. You are going to take good, comfortable shoes. Travel is usually not the time to wear those fashionable high heels. People are not going to care about what you wear when you travel. Be comfortable. Take the most comfortable tennis shoes, your favorite sandals, and maybe some hiking boots.
  • One of the most expensive parts of travel is flying, it’s just a fact of life. Booking your flights two to three months before you want to leave is going to help with that.
  • And always go on the free walking tours. This will help orient you to the place. It will also give you some interesting tidbits about the city. And who knows. You may even makes some friends along the way.

More travel tips

What are your favorite travel tips? I would love to hear them. Please leave them for me in the comments. Let’s get back to our discussion on travel tips.

  • You work hard for your money. You do not need to throw your money to the wind. And yes, inexpensive travel is very possible. But you can, and should, splurge from time to time. Go out for that nice dinner. Do that adventure that you have always wanted to do. Book a few days at a nicer hotel. Things that you know you’ll enjoy.
  • This is saying that you should for sure take ear plugs and an eye shield. Personally I don’t think I would do well using either while I’m awake, much less while I’m tried trying to sleep. You are going to hear a lot of strange noises when you travel. No, you might not sleep well for the first few nights. Do what works best for you.
  • Do not forget your water bottle. You will want to take that pretty much anywhere you go?.
  • Everyone thinks that they are going to use more stuff on their trips than actually do. Do you really need that expensive camera, or will you be just as happy with the pictures you take on your phone? Do you really want to carry around the ten books that you think you might read? Just bring along your e-reader.

More travel tips

Thanksgiving is to in a little more than a week. And that means that the Christmas and the whole holiday season. And yes, it is going to look different, hasn’t everything looked different this past year? I don’t know what I’m doing for Thanksgiving. We’ll see. But anyway, today let’s get back to some more travel tips..

  • You do not need to be fluent in any language to visit foreign country. You are going to be able to find someone that speaks English pretty much anywhere you would go are. But can you learn a few expressions in the language of the country where you are going. People love hearing foreigner say things like, “please” and “thank you” in their own language. They may laugh at you and speak in English. You may also try images on your blender phone or Google Translate.
  • Getting something stolen is never fun. Getting something stolen in a foreign country is worse. Take more than one. Leave one in your hotel room. And the best thing to do is to keep your other card on your person. Make a little pouch that you can put money, cards, your passports, and any other more important papers, and put that pouch under your shirt. That is one of the safer ways to do things.
  • After long flights, your phone is probably going to be dead and needing to be charged. Make sure to write down the address of your hotel before going out so that you will know where you need to get back to. Also write down your room number.
  • You are going to want to know something about the country that you are visiting before you go. Read a book. It doesn’t have to be a travel guide. It could be a novel. Sometimes I feel like remember novels better because I remember stories.

Travel tips

How do you travel? Do you always do the same things over and over? My family usually goes to see family or friends when we travel. I’m not complaining, visiting people I love is my favorite. But I know one of my sisters loves to explore new places when she travels.. Which kind of traveler are you? Today we are going to look at some more travel tips.

  • When you travel, it is a great time to try new things. Try foods you wouldn’t normally eat. Do something you’ve always been afraid to try. Who knows? You may find that that it is something that you love to do.
  • Everyone is different, and we can all learn from each other. That is true of individual people, as well as entire cultures. Ask questions when you go other places.
  • Don’t just see the sites. Take time to be with the people. Go to the cafes and get into discussions. You will be surprised at what you might learn. Go explore on foot from time to time.
  • Don’t know where you are going, don’t have a plan. Just go out there. Stop at any places that look interesting. You will probably get lost, but that’s okay. People are generally friendly, they will help you find your way back to.
  • And that leads me to my next point, do not over plan. You never know the great places you might discover and great people you might be able to meet when you don’t have an agenda. Pick a couple of things that you know you want to see, but then let yourself do the things that come up.