And some more travel tips

Do you travel all of the time? I would love to know any travel tips that you might want to share. Please leave them in the comments. Have you never traveled before in your life? Read on for some more good travel tips.

  • When you travel, you are going to want to take pictures everywhere you go. Pack that extra camera battery, or have that phone charger. It just helps to be prepared. You never know what beautiful thing you might get to see and capture to take home to enjoy over and over.
  • Travel always involves a lot of walking. You are going to take good, comfortable shoes. Travel is usually not the time to wear those fashionable high heels. People are not going to care about what you wear when you travel. Be comfortable. Take the most comfortable tennis shoes, your favorite sandals, and maybe some hiking boots.
  • One of the most expensive parts of travel is flying, it’s just a fact of life. Booking your flights two to three months before you want to leave is going to help with that.
  • And always go on the free walking tours. This will help orient you to the place. It will also give you some interesting tidbits about the city. And who knows. You may even makes some friends along the way.

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